Vehicles for making dollars

So the reality is that making money is tougher than ever before.  People are getting sold on stuff on a daily basis that they don’t need and bottom line they are tired of getting screwed.

Call it what it is… there are very few value added propositions  that are truly value added.  I mean when do you spend money are happy about spending money.  Now if you could give people that feeling of feeling good about spending money the money would keep coming in right.  I think so!

Now it is about acquiring customers which translates to money.  So the again the reality if you want to make money and make money for the long term you have to focus on solving peoples problems.  If you can solve a “problem for the long term, it is likely that you will keep making money.

You here so many marketing and advertising companies promise the world and deliver very ;little results.  So what if you let the results do the talking.  I mean let proof be in the pudding so to speak.  Deliver results in advance!  If you are delivering results in advance there will be no argument that you can do what you say you will do.

Dollar symbol

Who is going to tell you No.  I know that I dang sure wouldn’t if you are doing exactly what you say you are going to.  I will hand you some dollars and keep handing you some.


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